Sonic Sphere

Working with the Sonic Sphere team, a group founded by Ed Cooke, Merijn Royaards and Nicholas Christie we defined the brand that lives up to the ambition of such an inspiring project. As Sonic Sphere gear up for their exhibition in the Shed's gigantic New York McCourt space we shaped the brand that will carry this project and accelerate their ambition.

The identity is built out of the moment when we experience something and our bodies start doing fun things like contracting & our pupils dilating. We had fun bringing such a complex idea into a simple wordmark which will live a life of it's own as this project grows.

Beyond the visual identity, we delivered the website that captures the journey that got them here with a tantalizing tease about what you can expect in the experience.

Huge thanks to Chester Chipperfield who has been leading the charge and enormous hat tip for Stefan Mantu for the exceptional work on the renders. If you're in New York you'd be wise to get yourself a ticket, this will be an unforgettable experience. Huge thanks to the New York Times for such a wonderful write up.

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