Feb 23, 2023

Cultist Conundrum, the workshop

Having built some of the world's biggest brands James shared his knowledge with an inspiring cohort of business leaders at Shack15 in San Francisco.

The facilitated workshop exercises aligned business values with brand purpose. It used practical tools that create brands that inspire people, based on hard-earned lessons learnt building some of the biggest brands in the world.

Forget the traditional business mindset and embrace a new way of thinking. Say goodbye to relying on advertising and hello to word of mouth. Let your big idea shine and be clear about who your brand is for.

James used the Punk philosophy to equip teams with the confidence to build their own brand with exercises from his Use Design To Design Change book.

To push things forward, he also used some new AI brand building tools (we'll be shouting about at the end of March) to give these businesses an early look at how they build something meaningful when they DIY.