Three ways we help your brand.


Give your thing the name, story & strategy it deserves.


Help your brand understand change, and change to stay relevant.


We give your brand the meaning it needs, to flourish.

We think holistically about people, planet & profit to build meaningful brands.

We bring dumb questions, to get smart answers.

We build tools to manage your brand, so you can DIY.

That's Punk.

Founded by James Hurst.

Highly experienced branding and marketing professional, with a track record of success in building global brands.

He has held several leadership positions, including Head of Brand Design at Google, Global Creative Director at Pinterest and Principal at DesignStudio.

He is dedicated to returning what he has learned to the community and uses Punk Works to deliver on his promise to empower every business with the smarts to create a great brand.

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We are a full-service design agency headed by James Hurst, a founder with an advantage.

His experience as Head of Brand Design at Google, Global Creative Director at Pinterest, and Principal at DesignStudio brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in building global brands, brand strategy, digital experience, user experience, marketing and much more!

His unique understanding of design and branding is an invaluable asset. He's written books, given talks and mentors teams globally to ensure people get the brand they deserve.


While we are founded and run from San Francisco we build the right team for your project, regardless of location. This approach ensures we deliver something special, anywhere.


Radical collaboration and deep thinking to push boundaries and create innovative solutions with attention to detail to ensure that we execute to the highest standard.

James Hurst's approach is outlined in his book "Use Design To Design Change" where he outlines how brands can use the triple bottom line to define where they should go (rather than as a tool to audit where they've been).

Our focus is change and creating a positive impact.

Join us

We are on the lookout for talented individuals who are excited about the unexpected and want to push the boundaries of design.

We are looking for holistic brand thinkers, storytellers, dreamers, and artists who can bring a unique perspective and passion to our team.

If you are someone who is excited about creating innovative solutions, has an eye for detail and wants to be part of a team that designs for change and creating a positive impact, we want to hear from you.

Our focus is change and creating a positive impact.

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